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Service 1

Hydrobathing, self serve and use of High Velocity Dryer.

 Use our equipment to wash, dry, and pamper your pup.

Service 2

Our standard service includes:

Brushing and combing: Mats and knots are removed from the dog before clipping.

Shampoo: All dogs are bathed twice to ensure the coat is totally clean. They are blow-dried in between to ensure there are no fleas. A flea rinse is used on advice from the client.

Conditioner: Conditioner is worked down to the follicle to control any signs of dandruff. This treatment also helps to provide a shiny, natural-looking coat.

Drying: Blow-drying expels all moisture from the coat, right down to the skin, to

ensure your dog is completely dry.

Ears: These are professionally cleaned – hair is removed from the ear canal and a

recommended ear-cleaning solution used.

Nails: Trimmed to just before the quick.

Our Optional Service includes:

Black sea mud packs and full body massage: Each dog is given a full body massage and

a layer of black sea mud applied for total skin and hair conditioning.

Anal glands: Expelled to reduce irritation and for the health of the pet.


Puppy latté: Your pet is served a latté for dogs – warm puppy milk topped with liver sprinkles – in their own special cup.

At Oodles of Spoodles all grooming is performed by a qualified professional

pet groomer trained through Box Hill Institute of TAFE.


* FREE! Each dog receives a liver treat and decorative bow.


Grooming Style:  The cut and style is selected according to breed and in accordance with the client’s preference.

At Oodles of Spoodles Pet Grooming we also offer the added convenience of pick up

and delivery to our regular clients.   Back to top:

Service 3 (Specialty services)

creative colour,

Grand final football, weddings, special anniversaries, or just for a change.

Add a bit of colour to your life and give your dog an artistic make-over.

What about something dazzling to make your furry friend stand out from the crowd?

Some purple? Pink? A star or rainbow? Whatever your whim we’ll deliver.

Of course all our treatments are animal friendly and safe and fade within

a few weeks.

At Oodles of Spoodles we cater for creativity and customer satisfaction.

We guarantee a top quality result every time.    Back to top:

Service 1

Service 2

Service 3