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My miniature poodle, Mr. Dillon, is not the stereotypical pampered poodle. He is a tough, resilient dog who competes in dog sports, so I was very surprised when a previous groomer I tried traumatized the dog to the point that he soiled himself.  


He was very fearful of the hair dryer and vacuum cleaner for quite a while after that. It took a lot of training to desensitise him to those objects and noises.


I’ve tried various groomers before discovering Oodles of Spoodles, and none of them seem to measure up. One particular groomer even managed to nick my dog while giving it a cut.

I am more than happy to recommend Steve and his wonderful staff at Oodles of Spoodles for any of your dog grooming needs. They are professional in every sense of the word and treat my dog in a caring manner.


Meg Hannan

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I have a 6 month old pug x maltese with medium length hair (more maltese than pug, but wiry) who needs a trim and a good wash. If you could send through a quote, that would be brilliant.  Thanks,  Loren